The smart way to buy a car:

Have car dealers COMPETE to get you the best deal

If you’re about to buy a new car, don’t waste your time with the dealerships.  Post your request on BroadHunt.  Sit back while our Expert Shoppers compete to source the best deals.

The BroadHunt Team


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The impossible task of finding the best deal

Negotiating with a car dealer is like boxing with a pro.  While car brokers and salary packaging firms can save time and hassle, they usually fail to get the best price.

A comparison of prices across 8 buyers’ agents found the average range of prices was a whopping 8.6%.  On an standard car thats $3,000 out of your pocket!

And what’s more, the broker with the best price for one car produces the worst price for another.

Have them compete

Because our New Car hunts use experts to source quotes from a range of competing car dealerships, we are confident we will outperform almost any other source.

Comparison of car brokers & fleet prices

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BroadHunt: the smart way to source your next big purchase!

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